Elon Musk wins over 300,000 votes in poll against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Electric vehicle and retail billionaire Elon Musk won a Twitter poll over New York Democratic Party congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez earlier today. Mr Musk has been vocal about his political views lately, following his multi-billion dollar bid to acquire the social media platform. He shared his views on free speech and his belief that Twitter can change its operating model. The executive has also come under fire from Ms. Ocasio-Cortez for her views on employee unions, and the two engaged in a Twitter war earlier this month after the latter complained about the ” billionaires with an ego”.

To set the record straight and prove how the American political left can create its own polls to bolster views, an opinion writer from the grassroots political organization Occupy Democrats decided to ask users if they trusted Ms. Ocasio-Cortez more than Mr. Musk. However, the results went against what Mr. David Weissman, who created the poll, expected as they delivered a decisive victory for the billionaire.

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Elon Musk wins Twitter poll asking if people trust him more than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Musk’s decision to jump into the political fray after deciding to buy Twitter has seen the billionaire become the center of fresh controversy. The executive, best known for its electric vehicle and aerospace companies – both of which have vastly outpaced their competitors in technological prowess and market share – is often the center of public attention, and sometimes for less vanilla reasons.

Compared to his other ultra-rich peers, Musk maintains an active presence on Twitter as he interacts with his followers daily. This has earned him one of the largest follower bases on the platform, however, given the recent controversies over true and duplicate accounts on Twitter, the actual number of his followers is unclear. light.

Naturally, Musk’s presence on Twitter ended up influencing the poll’s outcome, especially since the total number of votes cast is greater than the number of people following Weissman’s Twitter account.

After the results were released, Musk expressed surprise, saying he initially thought the poll was a travesty. Additionally, the executive had also conducted its own poll earlier, which was broader in nature. He simply asked Musk supporters and everyone who met him if they would trust politicians more than billionaires.

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That poll, which saw around 3.4 million votes cast, resulted in a decisive victory for the politicians and with almost the same percentage of votes for the politicians as Musk did in Weissman’s poll.

However, while the results of the Musk vs. Ocasio-Cortez poll were in favor of the former, many Twitter users shared their displeasure. The first was from Weissman himself, who shared his surprise at the result, especially since they had favored the congresswoman earlier. He was joined by others, some of whom claimed fake accounts or ‘bots’ belonging to Musk led to the victory, while others even went so far as to claim the polls were just a precursor to Musk announcing a campaign for the President of the United States. Musk is not eligible to run for the nation’s highest office since he is a naturalized U.S. citizen.

Some have simply used the results to demonstrate that the left wing has far less support than is generally thought. When Ocasio-Cortez supporters were asked why they supported her over the billionaire, they said that while Musk made decisions solely influenced by money and power, the congresswoman was instead driven by her compassion for the world around him.

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